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Underground Pills are global leaders in providing cutting edge research chemicals and legal highs. We draw on the greatest minds and use only the purest chemicals to create products that provide the ultimate user experience. Underground Pills have set the bench mark for legal highs party pills, synthetic powders and legal smoking blends since our inception.

Underground Pills, your #1 source for legal highs and party pills

Legal Highs

‘Legal Highs’ are substances designed to produce the same, or similar effects, to drugs such as cocaine and ecstasy, but not controlled under the Misuse of Drugs Act. 'Legal highs' cannot be sold for human consumption so they are often sold as bath salts, bath crystals, research chemicals, plant food or advertised as ‘not for human consumption’ to get round the law.

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Party Pills

Underground Pills have the reputation for producing the worlds greatest party pills. We take pride in using only the finest research chemicals mixed with cutting edge technology to provide the ultimate party pills range. Our continued research and development of all our party pills products is what separates us from our competition..

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Herbal Highs

Underground Pills are recognized for manufacturing the world’s greatest herbal highs. Drawing from the greatest minds from across the globe we have formulate the ultimate herbal highs collection, party pills, synthetic powders and legal smoking blends. Our pursuit of perfection has set our herbal highs apart form our competition.

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Legal E

Underground Pills have worked long and hard to develop DOVES LOVES and EUPHORIA…the worlds greatest Legal E and Legal MDMA alternative.

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